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[UDOORI] – One of Australia’s most famous license plates has made its way back onto another S-Chassis (for now). The list of cars this plate has been attached to is quite insane, from S15s to 180s to GTRs its been on most of Nissans glorious creations. And lets be honest, its not even actually attached to this 180SX anymore, Van has moved on yet again and is now behind the wheel of another Skyline.

While the car was in Vans ownership it received his magic touch and went from rags to e-fame level 9000 in a matter of weeks. With the idea of home ownership in sight, Van moved on his R34 GT-R to free up some funds and picked up this genuine 97 Type X, which was in pretty average condition.

Whilst in Vans care, nothing went untouched. The car received a full re-spray in R35 GTR Red, body width has been enhanced with a Koguchi wide body kit fitted around the factory type x aero. Van also made up custom spiltters which really set off the exterior and who could miss that Voltex Type 5 style wing?

Bringing the car to ground level are a set of HSD coilovers and the usual set of adjustable arms in the back which help fit the 18 x 11 -20 Work Meisters. All of this works together to give this car such an aggressive stance.

The car is not just all show, with the factory fitted SR20DET under the hood putting out some decent numbers thanks to a handful of mods. While the bottom end is stock, the top end boasts some goodies, like the Tomei drop in 264 cams, Tomei cam gears, rocker stoppers and BC valve springs. Bolted to the side is a Garrett GT3071 turbo charger that boosts the set up to an impressive 278kw on 98 pump gas, which is more than enough for a street car.

Backing up the engine is a Z32 5 speed gearbox and single plate ORC clutch, feeding power down to the R32 GT-R rear sub frame and R32 GT-R factory limited slip diff. The car comes to a stop thanks to Skyline brakes, with R33 GT-R Brembos up front and a R34 GT-T  set up in the rear.


  • SR20DET
  • 264 Cams
  • Tomei Cam Gears
  • Tomei Rocker Stoppers
  • BC Valve Springs
  • Haltech Platinum Pro ECU
  • Turbosmart EBoost2 Boost Control
  • Garrett GT3071 Turbocharger
  • Split Fire Coils
  • Greddy Front Mount Intercooler
  • Greddy Oil Cooler
  • Tuned by Just Engine Management


  • Z32 5 Speed gearbox
  • ORC Single Plate Clutch
  • R32 GT-R Rear Sub Frame
  • R32 Rear Diff


  • Front: R33 GT-R Brembo
  • Rear: R34 Skyline GT-T


  • HSD Coilovers
  • All Adjustable Arms

Wheels & Tyres:

  • Front: Work Meister 18 x 10 -7 with 225/40/18
  • Rear: Work Meister 18 x 11 -20 with 245/40/18


  • Factory Type X Aero
  • Koguchi Power Wide Body
  • Re-Sprayed in R35 GT-R Red


  • Lancer Evolution 8 Recaro Drivers Seat
  • GT-R R32 Passenger Seat
  • Defi Advance ZD Gauge Screen

Usually at this point in a feature I would go into future plans for the car, but with Van future plans don’t really exist. He is the type of guy that goes all in, gets it done, then BOOM he owns another car. So we will leave it at that. You can pick up your jaws now, and please clean up your drool! Thanks Van for creating yet another piece of eye candy for the internet!

Check out the full gallery below, shoot thanks to Robin Juhansoo

Find him on Facebook: RJ Photography

Follow him on Instagram: @badluckrobin

and on Snapchat: @robinjuhansoo

Car builder: Van Dam

Words: @schassis_

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