S-Chassis of Tokyo Auto Salon and Osaka Auto Messe 2016

Our JDM content keeps on rolling, this time thanks to Akifumi Yamamoto, our Japanese contributor from Yama-Channel. Those of you who have attended Tokyo Auto Salon will know what to expect next, but for anyone who hasn’t, grab yourself a seat and take your time scrolling through these amazing machines.

First up we have the T & E Booth, with this Vertex kitted strawberry face 180SX. Occasionally the S15 front end conversion is referred to as the ‘strawberry face’ This is because the Japanese words for 1 and 5 ‘Ichi’ and ‘Go’ together ‘Ichigo’ make the word Strawberry.

Next up we have Formula Drift driver Masashi Yokoi’s D-Max S15.

Another familiar S-Chassis which was displayed on the Kenda stand, the UP-GARAGE S15 driven by Kazuya Taguchi.

The next both to leave jaws hanging was that of Car Modify Wonder, who were showcasing their new S-Chassis over-fenders measuring in at +50mm and also available as +50mm fenders and +50mm flares! What do you think?

Nu Chiaravanond’s True visions drift team 2JZ 180 had made a special trip to be on show in Tokyo. It had been shipped from its home in Thailand  to be part of the L’aunsport booth at the Auto Salon.

Another impressive 180SX on display was the famous Spirit-Rei kitted example on the Spirit-Rei booth.

And sitting beside the 180SX was the EXART x Spirit-Rei S13 coupe.

I know you recognize the pink cars, these are from Yashio Factory!

To some S13 verts may be an everyday sight, to others they may have never seen one in their life, either way you have never seen one quite like this before! Built by Z.S.S, the body kit is full Carbon Fiber, along with the seats, door cards, center console and dash.. all of which are available for sale, although as far as we know Z.S.S do not ship internationally, so if you really want some of their parts you might have to go down a few different avenues to get your hot little hands on them.

The ‘Doriten’ booth had some impressive cars on show, like this sleepy eyed 180SX. ‘Doriten’ (Drift Heaven) is a popular drift magazine based in Japan.

‘Doriten’ also had the Cockpit S13 on display and outside was their pink S15.

Im not sure what you guys think of the color combination on this S15, its a little out there, but i kinda like it. It reminds me of cotton candy, and that makes me feel happy.

The Rocket Bunny V2 Boss body kit definitely splits opinions, im not sure how I feel about it yet but you cant deny MAN.Z Factory have done a great job with it. Great workmanship always stands out especially when covered in green.

Another crazy S14 which is starting to do the rounds of the world wide web is this mad example from TAKEMARU FACTORY.

Next up was the Origin Labo stand, with Kazuya Bai’s SR20VET powered 180SX and Kunihiko Teramachi’s 2JZ S15.

Another cool S14 was that of Gloss Factory

Lastly we have Shinnosuke Mito’s S15 Silvia fitted with the new MOZE Original Aero Kit (V2) which I think is super classy! So there you have it, a quick look at the S-Chassis of Tokyo Auto Salon and Osaka Auto Messe 2016.

Photos thanks to Akifumi Yamamoto

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