Skid Squad Shark Attack!

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Chris loves 240s, he always has and always will. After owning a couple of S14’s he decided the time had come to purchase an S13, and it had to be a hatch. After a bit of looking around, the opportunity came up to take over a forgotten project. Originally saved from rotting away in an old ladies driveway, the S13 was painted up and then sadly, given up on.

That’s where Chris took over, he jumped at the chance to pick up a clean shell and then put his time and effort into the mechanical side of things, with the aim of building a killer looking drift machine.

When he first got the car, there was a lot of time spent on the wiring to get it up to a daily driver status, but as time went on and more work was completed, the suspension mods made daily driving not so friendly, that doesn’t stop him from keeping it street legal though.

Chris lives in a very heavily military populated town, so everyone loves seeing it.

“It catches every eye it crosses. Nothing is cooler than an old Vietnam war vet giving you the thumbs up at a stop light”

When the time came to re-power the 240SX, there was only one option. It had to be one of Nissan’s mighty RB engines. Chris’ favorite drifter is Ken Nomuken and so he has always wanted a Skyline engine, which is why an RB25DET NEO engine now resides between the strut towers.

Chris plans to privateer at local drift days, with the possibility of one day having a crack at the US Drift, Nopi Drift or Final Bout Drift comps.

There’s nothing like owning a unique car that is built as much as possible by you. There are a lot of junkyard finds and odd n ends in Chris’ 240 which started life as other car parts, or bike parts but with a bit of time and imagination have all come together to form this one of a kind car you see here.

Chris and his crew have formed Skid Squad. The plan is to use the car to spread cheer to the local drifters and encourage others to get involved, because there’s nothing quite like being in the middle of a drift train in your own self built car with your mates either side in theirs!

Mod List: 1989 240SX

  • RB25 NEO motor
  • Custom front mount intercooler
  • Straight pipe exhaust
  • AEM tru boost controller
  • Megan track coil-overs
  • Voodoo front tension rods
  • Custom Daniel Melvin spec modified front LCA’s and knuckles
  •  Custom unroyals tactical rear diffuser handmade by Ryan Morard
  • SLP tie rod ends
  • ISIS rear toe and camber arms.
  • Welded diff for maximum drift.
  • Cosmis Racing wheels S5R wheels 17×9/17×10
  • Custom big country labs wing
  • Sparco racing seat
  • Custom Nissan NX1600 gauge cluster
  • Racebread custom front bash bar
  • Racebread steering rack location

Photo shoot by: The Steve Hudson.

Drift action shot by: Melanie Jones.

Follow Chris on IG! @idrum2loud

Skid Squad IG @skid_squad_usa

Chris would like to thanks his sponsor @cosmisracingusa

Words by @mr_schassis

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