S-Chassis x Scarles Meet and Greet 3.0

With the year almost over, and December marking the anniversary of the first s-chassis x scarles meet and greet we decided it would be wise to put something on before everyone heads out of town and runs out of motivation to get out in the sun. As per usual our good mates Andrew and Andre and the crew at #scarles were happy to host our 3rd meet.

I arrived on Saturday morning a bit early and to my surprise the venue was already busy. There were plenty of s-chassis parked up on display, with people turning up at 9:30am when they opened the shop.. I’m pretty sure this was something to do with the wicked one day only deal scarles offered up, 50% off all truhart suspension gear, yes 50%.. Guys were walking out with boxes of truhart parts stacked in their arms towering over their heads!

As the morning progressed more and more cars rolled up, mostly s-chassis but there was a few other cars showing up for a look as well.

Its funny watching the people when you hear an exhaust as the car slows down, the whole crowd of people stops and all the heads turn to see what will come through the gates next, it’s like an s-chassis lucky dip!

A nice surprise was seeing Michael’s S13 vert. Sure they may be common in many countries, but not here New Zealand. In fact this vert is the only one in the country, and this was the first time that most people had ever seen one in person. This example is in pristine condition with only 19,000km’s on the clock and only having one Japanese owner, it is a true gem.

The good guys at Scarles put on food, drink and entertainment. A DJ, free sausage sizzle, free beer, even chocolate dipped strawberries, along with the prizes and discounts.

So many sick s-chassis came out to the meet, we had originally planned to give away a first place prize for S-Chassis of the day which consisted of a $250 scarles voucher, and an entry ticket into the 2015 Cannonball Run (value $165), but looking at the epicness in the car park we knew there had to be a 2nd and 3rd place prize as well. The good guys at #scarles hooked me up with 3 scarles deep dish steering wheels and 3 boss kits, 1 was added to the first prize, and the other two for 2nd and 3rd place.

Judging this was extremely difficult. I had so many factors to consider, all while maintaining a fair and un-biased perspective. I decided to outline some criteria (in my head) on what would make the perfect S-Chassis. A Street driven, track ready, stanced, tidy labour of love was what I decided I was looking for. I spent the morning walking around checking out all the cars and made my short list.

Third place was really really tough, I narrowed it down to Ben Whites VH45 S15 and Simon Andersons S13.5 Hatch [ZIPTYD]. In the end, I was still undecided while up announcing who had won 3rd so I forced myself to make the call based solely on the engine swap, and 3rd was awarded to Bens S15.

First and second place was also really hard to decide.  It came down to Bronson’s S13 200SX [DRFTA] and Alvin’s S15 Silvia [ITURNR]. Both of these cars deserved to win, both had everything I was looking for in the perfect S-Chassis..

The full cage in the S13 is what swayed my decision.. An all-rounder that would be at home on the track as much as it is on the street.

As the day drew to an end and the car park started to empty we took the opportunity to do a few shoots, Brett and Luke had already started their own mini shoot and had the cars set up, so Shaun rocked up with the camera to get some snaps.

Then we noticed how many S13’s were still in the car park so we tracked down the owners and moved the cars into position for another Mini shoot.

After a long day in the hot summer sun the last of the cars left the car park, and it was time to head home. The S-Chassis x Scarles meet and greet 3.0 was a massive success, I want to thank everyone who brought their cars out for the day, everyone who came down to have a look and all the photographers that covered the day.

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