Scarlett Hoodstatus.

Scarlett Hoodstatus
Car: 1991 Nissan 240sx coupe
Owner: Trey Chavis from HoodStatus Clothing and goods

Trey has a weird love hate relationship with his car. He purchased the S13 after his DC2 Integra was stolen. Trey had wanted an s13 since 01 after watching option video’s. The sexy style hatch with the signal auto splashes on the side. Up until then the 240sx was the car for prep and cheer leaders in the 90’s where he grew up, so he never really paid any attention to them, except in Gran tourismo 1 where you could have the Silvia, 180sx or the Sileighty, that was 96..

Fast forward back to 09, when Trey spotted the S13 on craigslist for 2k. It had coils, a welded diff, candy paint and a black top, sitting on gold sport max 962sr’s… He saw the car and made the call not realizing the voice on the phone was his friend Mickey who flipped cars.  So he got the car, it was amazing.

It wasn’t long before Trey picked up street drifting. One fateful night he mistook a median in a parking lot for an entry point and bent the frame. Trey fixed that, then bent the wheel studs which eventually made the wheels start to wobble, causing one to come off. After that Trey set about fixing all the problems that he knew of at the time and then sent the S13 for paint and ordered a new set of wheels from boss 338.

This is when Scarlett finally started to bloom, but not before one more disaster. They got the car out of the booth just in time for the first WFC meet in NC and it spun a bearing. Luckily Trey had purchased a running hatch for $300 so quickly yanked the motor and placed that in the coupe. From there on The car popped up here and there on the internet . Trey daily drove Scarlett aka ‘bass boat’, the candy apple red coupe up until December 2012.

Everything was going well until one morning, Trey woke up and found the city of Greensboro had left a card on his 240, they had also left a highly damaged quarter panel. Luckily they ended up paying out $3400 for damage and didn’t total the car. Within three hours of getting the money Trey got in contact with Nick at touge factory and placed an order for the Rocket Bunny kit. “We cut what needed to be cut, and sanded what needed to be sanded” then George, Chris and Rodney wrapped the entire car in carbon fiber vinyl.

In the mean time one of three sets of work vs-ms’s popped up in Trey’s life, so he put a set on the car. The funny part is that they were huge, measuring 20×9.5 and 20×11. They could fit perfectly but Trey says he couldn’t enjoy the car. He rocked them for a bit and then gave them back instead of buying them. That’s when he found the Weds. These had been on Trey’s wish list since before he got the s13. He had first seen them on a red coupe in Australia. The set he found had weak specs, so they were sent to Exotics Powder Coating to have the faces powder coated in a custom gold and rainbow flake color. Then the wheels where slotted into their new homes, the 4.5 and 6.5 inch barrels like a fine work of art.

It was during this time Trey had the crazy idea of turning his interior into a homage to Mary of Guadalupe. He had a Mary of Guadalupe shift knob, and got to work on the interior himself relining it with the flowers.

The rest is history.


  • Rocket bunny front fenders, bumpers, and wing.
  • Pinched origin 500 mm rear over fenders.
  • Silvia brick headlights.
  • Circuit sport clear corner lights.
  • Metal hood with functional vents.
  • Circuit sport led tail lights.
  • Sick speed neo chrome lug nuts and spikes


  • Stock KA24
  • KYG fuel rail with 550 cc injectors
  • Stock 5 speed.
  • Welded diff.


  • D2 coilovers{with a collar removed).
  • Godspeed ruca’s, tension and traction arms.


  • Schroth 3 point racing harness’s.
  • Drivers dirt track racing seat.
  • Custom floral interior.
  • Two 12in kicker CVR Subs and one unknown 1200 watt amp.


  • Weds Kranze LXZ’s with custom pagan gold
    and rainbow flake faces.
  • Front 18×10.5 et -6 with 235/40/18 Goodyear tires.
  • Rear 18×12.5 et-32 with 255/40/18 Goodyear tires.
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