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“Passion” noun
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  • an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.
  • a thing arousing great enthusiasm.

We all consider ourselves passionate about cars, but how far has your passion physically taken you? Do you spend most of your time in your garage come workshop where you work on yours and your mates cars for fun? Petko does.  Have you driven your car through multiple countries and an undersea tunnel? Petko has.

Most weekends you will find him out the back of his house, in his self made workshop i’m going to name Petkos Garage. Petko is usually working on his own or his mates cars and other projects or sourcing parts.  There is all sorts of machinery inside, pretty much what you would find in any normal workshop, its just a little smaller and much more friendly.

Most of the work Petko does includes engine rebuilds and upgrades, wiring in aftermarket gauges or controllers, brake and chassis upgrades, track prep and also basic servicing.

Petkos passion has helped him build his own car up, and take it on some epic adventures. The car itself is a 1997 180SX Type X from Japan and as you will soon see it has had plenty of time spent on it and has become a testament to his workmanship.

While Petko was in the market for a car, this 180 just so happened to pop up for sale so he went and met the seller and had a look, as soon as his eyes met the vehicle he was in love with it and made an offer. That offer was too low and the seller said he would be parting out the 180 if he couldn’t get the asking price, so Petko had a think and decided to hit back with a better offer, one that earned him the title of new owner. After a while Petko decided it was time to do something more with the 180, this saw the body re-painted and freshened up and also new under seal for the chassis. The car actually spent quite a large amount of time off the road while the work was carried out, long enough for Petko to considered parting it out himself a couple of times. Petko decided to put the 180 back together just enough so he could actually use it, and in doing so re-sparked the interest that had been slowly fading away.

As you can see the car is far from standard. One of the most obvious modifications is the NSX headlight conversion. The lights were acquired from a Honda NSX and mounted on custom brackets giving the the 180 a very unique look. Other exterior mods include the full body kit (type unknown), the Nismo bonnet which has been modified to fit with the NSX lights. A Seibon carbon-fiber boot lid, the kevlar RPS13 tail lamp center garnish and the 17″ SSR wheels

Moving to the interior you will find a pair of  Bride Brix Graduation seats mounted on genuine rails, the Nardi deep corn wheel, depo guages to keep an eye on vitals and a 7″ DVD player to name a few things. Petko has also built a custom floor in the back using hardwood and office carpet. The battery has been relocated behind the seats and has its own suede battery cover to keep the set up looking classy. Other parts include the Cusco 21 point padded dash dodger cage , the built in 6x9s with pioneer amplifier and Karo checkered floor mats in the front finish the look.

The under-body is graced with some good parts too. Keeping the 180 low and firm is a set of K-Sport fully adjustable coilovers and Cusco arms. Stopping is left to the Endless front brake kit and rear R33 Skyline set up with the aid of a Cusco Brake Master Stopper and Endless braided lines.

Under the hood you will find the factory fitted SR20DET with a few mods like the Megan Racing tubular manifold, Z32 AFM and S15 480cc injectors, the Nismo fuel pressure regulator, a chasebay engine loom and Apexi Power FC among other things. This set up has been mapped by MDTuning and is currently putting out 254bhp at the rears. This was more than enough power for Petko to enjoy as he boosted the 180SX around Nürburgring in Germany. Yes, you read that correct. Last year Petko and his friend Todd decided to take their cars up for a blast around the track and by September they were on the road, making their way from Ireland all the way to Germany.

Petko managed to get a total of 7 laps in, which is a lot given the length of the track, with a best time of 9min 30s its safe to say he was more than happy. Unfortunately a blown turbo to manifold gasket would end his day. For more pictures of the trip from Ireland to Germany check out Todds  Google Photos Story by clicking HERE.


1997 Nissan 180SX Type X


  • SR20DET
  • Apexi Power FC
  • Boost Controller
  • Turbo Braided Lines
  • S14 water neck upgrade and G-tech sender
  • Engine damper
  • Megan Racing Tubular Manifold
  • Nismo fuel pressure regulator
  • Autobhan Elbow and Downpipe
  • Custom twin pipe exhaust Tips
  • Z 32 AFM
  • S15 480cc injectors
  • ARC expansion tank
  • ARC radiator
  • ARC intercooler kit
  • Chasebay engine loom
  • Apexi turbo timer
  • Walbro fuel pump
  • Battery relocated (behind passenger seat)
  • Twin electric fans with controller
  • Light weight engine pulleys
  • GT1 engine under-guard
  • Mapped by MDTunning – 254bhp


  • RB25DET Gearbox
  • Nismo short shifter with Razo gear knob
  • Nismo G-max twin plate clutch
  • Nismo 2-way differential


  • Centre console with Nissan factory option cup holder
  • Pair of Bride Brix Graduation Bucket Seats on genuine rails
  • Nardi deep corn steering wheel
  • Dash mounted boost, oil temp, oil pressure and fuel pressure gauges
  • Clifford G4 alarm
  • Custom flat floor from back of front seats to rear of car
  • Built in 6X9 speakers with Pioneer amp
  • Cusco 21 point padded dash dodger rollcage
  • 7″ DVD player
  • Karo checkered floor mats


  • K-Sport Coilovers
  • Cusco rear camber arms
  • Cusco rear toe arms
  • Cusco rear track arms
  • Cusco front castor arms


  • ARC chassis leg extension
  • Japspeed rear subframe brace
  • Japspeed front power brace
  • J-speed tunnel brace
  • C-pillar brace
  • Rear 3 point strut brace
  • Front Tomei 3 point brace


  • Front Nissan 4Pot with Endless Pads
  • Rear R33 Skyline
  • Endless braided brake line kit
  • Cusco brake master cylinder stopper


  • Front 17” SSR Professor with Federal RSR Tyres
  • Rear 18” SSR Professor with Westlake Tyres
  • Rays engineering wheel nuts


  • Front NSX head lamp conversion
  • Nissan louvers
  • Flared rear arches
  • Full kit (unknown)
  • Front Origin wings
  • Nismo bonnet customized for head lamps
  • Seibon carbon-fiber booth lid
  • Origin carbon fiber roof spoiler
  • Kevlar RPS13 tail lamp garnish
  • Nissan wind deflectors
  • Carbon-fiber cooling panel

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Words by @schassis_


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