Offset Kings Okayama 2014

For the first time, Offset Kings hit Okayama, Japan on December 14th. The turn out of cars was literally jaw dropping!

The level of quality on these builds is simply amazing, none of this “she’ll be right” attitude in these cars, everything is done with care and precision.

One of the best things about a Japanese event.. The amount of S-Chassis in attendance. As in most countries, the Silvia/180SX in Japans case is still a very strong player.

Each S-Chassis boasts is own unique style, which can be easier said than done.

Aero parts made a strong appearance, with a lot of cars running big kits and wings.

Tight fitment and big camber are two things you will find in abundance at Offset Kings.

Our friend Daisuke Masuda (FREAK OUT Central Japan) took home the award for 1st place slammed with his immaculate S14 FL. We take a closer look at the car here.

Another couple of cool S14s there was Yasuyuki Tsutsui’s (FREAK OUT Central Japan) pink kouki along with Shota Sasada’s (R E V I E W) example.

One more awesome kouki.. Shota Iwanaga’s (S.S.maverick) S14.

Naohiro Yamane brought out his latest creation, the Spirit-Rei kitted (MiniatureGarden) S13 Silvia. Check out the mini feature here.

As the day drew to an end, the guys took the opportunity to get some group shots before the sun disappeared for the night.

A massive thanks goes out to Daisuke Masuda and Miki Tsuda (FREAK OUT Central Japan) for all the photos!

Full gallery below! 

-if you use these images on social please kindly tag FREAK OUT Central Japan for photo credit.

Words by: @Mr_SChassis

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