MiniatureGarden S13 by Naohiro Yamane

Some of you may recognize the name Naohiro Yamane, builder of the e-famous slammed, and cambered black 180SX running a massive set of Kranze LXZ’s. Well, he is at it again, this time he has built this amazing S13 Silvia.

In true Japanese style, it is low, ground scraping low. It is cambered, and the wheels are huge!

The wheels are Work Meister’s measuring an impressive 18 x 11j -22 and 18 x 12j-45 running Falken 245-35’s up front and 265-35’s on the rear.

All that low has been achieved by installing a set of Japans finest, 326power suspension 18k, 14k and a lot of adjusting to get it looking just right.

To top off this amazing build the car has been fitted with the latest Spirit玲 S13 Silvia “m.” MIYABI body kit which us guys here at S-Chassis are totally in love with!

Naohiro Yamane

Photos thanks to:
Daisuke Masuda
Miki Tsuda
FREAK OUT Central Japan

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