A few months back we headed along to LACNZ second official meet which was a huge success and a great day out, so when we heard they were already planning to do a 3rd meet we knew we had to be there. For those wondering, the meaning behind LACNZ is “Lifelong Ambition Co – New Zealand” and their main goal is to unite New Zealand’s diverse car culture and work towards eliminating the stigma and generalisation that every modified car owner is a “boyracer” as the vast majority of us are harmless car enthusiasts.

For the last meet we ended up with a total of 20 S-Chassis joining us, so for this meet we wanted to double our attendees, which we did with around 40 or so Silvia, 180 and 200SX’s showing up to our pre-meet and photo session at the Massey University Albany Campus.

We were lucky enough to be joined by a range of great looking s-chassis cars ranging from the S12 through to the S15 and everything in-between. This was perfect and allowed Shaun from Ambition Works to do another generation photo shoot much like he had done at the second meet, but with different cars.

With this event and the 4&R Nationals coming up I decided to try and track down the owner of one of the most pristine S12’s I had ever seen. I had spotted this Silvia over a year earlier and knew very little about it or the owner. I posted up the only picture I had of it on our main Facebook page and luckily enough the owner was tagged. After a bit of Facebook stalking I made contact and invited him along to the meet with us. This was the perfect opportunity to meet Ryan and find out all about his S12, which we will go into detail on in a feature that will be out in the next month or so.

After a good morning of chin wagging and photo taking Shaun set about getting all the cars into generation order. Some might argue that the Silvia S13 came before the 180/200SX hatch and we would agree. It just looks better (we think) having the cars with the pop ups side by side. Once in position it was time to roll out. It was a very impressive sight indeed. I personally had never seen that many S-Chassis on the road in a convoy ever so I was as excited as a little kid on Christmas every time I looked in my rear view. The sight was definitely something special that I will remember for a long time.

We arrived at the venue and made our way down into the main hard parking area and Shaun positioned everyone into two equal rows facing each other, all in generation order. We took up quite a huge area and I think we were the largest ‘club’ in attendance.

It was a super-hot day, so I was glad I had brought along our new 3m x 3m pop up tent, which appeared to be a popular hangout with different people seeking refuge from New Zealand’s infamous UV rays throughout the day. To be honest i’m not even sure if all these people seeking shelter were part of our crew, but I was just happy to be able to provide some relief from the heat.

After a couple of laps of the car parks it was pretty clear we had most of the attending s-chassis parked together with only a handful of others scattered about with their respective car crews. The quality and diversity of what was on show is always impressive at a NZ car meet, we are really lucky to have had quite relaxed car importing laws for many years which means we have a very broad fleet on our roads with some of Europe, Japan and Americas greatest cars readily available.

The day drew to an end quicker than the previous LACNZ meet but I put this directly down to the heat, with limited shade available it was just getting too hot to handle and a lot of people headed off to the beach or to the mall over the road for its air conditioning.

It is pretty clear that LACNZ mean business, they put a lot of time and effort into organizing these meets for us, and there are a lot of volunteers giving up their weekends to help the operation run smoothly. So thanks LACNZ and see you at meet #4!

Words by @schassis_

Photography thanks to Ambition Works!

Click here to see our huge gallery from the meet!

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