LACNZ Hooton Hardpark #2

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New Zealand, that little island in the Pacific Ocean that most people know very little about. Well shame on you! This little island all the way on the other side of the world gets to see the sun first every single day. If that’s not enough to persuade you to do a little bit of research about us, maybe the fact that we get to drive whatever car we fancy. From America, Japan, Europe, anywhere! That’s a long list of cars that we get the pleasure of driving, so let’s have a look at a few examples.

Today we travel a measly 20 minutes out of New Zealand’s biggest cosmopolitan, Auckland City, over the Harbour Bridge, and towards Albany. NZ is a rather unique country. As you can see from this screen cap, there are only a few kilometres from one side to the other, it’s also surrounded by multiple beautiful islands accessible by a short boat trip. But we are here to talk about cars, not boats, so let’s move on.

We didn’t really have anything official planned until a week before the event in the terms of a pre-meet. It was great to see S-Chassis after S-Chassis roll up to Massey University in Albany with such short notice, about 20 turned up in total.

Auckland weather is like a temperamental pregnant woman most of the time. You’ll never know what will happen, one moment she’ll be on crises mode, next it’s smiles and sunshine. Today was a smiles and sunshine kind of day, so we were lucky for once (fingers crossed nobody upsets mother nature). As we start to head into spring and summer, usually we can expect more consistent weather.

With the usual range of S-Chassis’ turning up, it was cool to see a few old ones and new ones. The funny thing is, sometimes you’ll see the same car, but ownership has changed hands. Personally I’ll remember what car you drive way before your name. So it was a good chance to meet some new S-Chassis owners in Auckland and talk some smack for a while.

We were expecting maybe a few S-Chassis’ to turn up, but we were surprised by just how many did turn up. We were lucky enough to have an S12 join our pre-meet, this doesn’t happen too often here in Auckland. Which meant as you can already see, a 6 generation of S-Chassis’ photoshoot. This day was just looking better and better.

So what have we got here? We’ll follow the Japanese naming system to keep everything running smoothly. Starting off in the 2000s we have an extremely tidy S15, hiding right behind that is an equally tidy S14A (or S14 facelift), with the S14 (or S14 pre-facelift) snug behind.

Let’s move to the other side for a better view. We have the soon to be classic two-tone S13. Some people might want to leave the generation photo at that, or even less by only having one S14 present. Not us though, we went big and had most of the extended family along for the ride. The pop ups! Second to last we have the discontinued body shape of the 180SX. On the very end, in black, a very rare S-Chassis, the S12!

Ahhh, the summer vibe is truly hitting home for us Kiwis once again. The blue skies, the green scenery, the sound of a screaming engine, parking up with some awesome people, what better way to start off the coming summer months than this I ask you?

Now was the tricky bit. Getting to the event in one group of 20 or so cars. We decided to make it even more difficult by putting everyone in generation order. Although we may have blocked traffic to move on to the actual event, it was well worth it.

It should take no more than a minute to get to Hooton Reserve, although it was still a challenge. Two sets of traffic lights split up our chain of 20 cars. It’s alright though, because we came from the west, and everyone else seemed to have come from the east (with a massive tail of cars to get in). This has been a popular place for car events in the past, with the hosts (LACNZ) first event on this premise, could they fill the massive car park? Let’s see…

Yes. Yes they could. Within the first hour the car park on the right walls filled up to bursting point with cars starting to park in the aisle. From humble beginning and a few smaller events in between their first one and this one, LACNZ have sure come along way with event management. Sure there could be a few improvements here and there, but for the experience they have, they did a good job hosting such a large quantity of car enthusiasts for the afternoon.

I really wasn’t expecting such a massive turnout. I don’t think I’ve even seen Hooton Reserve this packed in a long, long time. It’s good though, people getting together for a common interest. Usually rivalries cause problems and create distance, today was different. People from all walks of automotive culture came to one place to enjoy the work of many.

As we made such an effort to leave our pre-meet location in generation order, I had to make sure that we were also parked up in generation order at the main event. We easily took out the award for biggest club (Auckland S-Chassis) in attendance.

Starting down one end at the lonely S12, all the way up to the young and restless S15s was a show in itself. In the future, a few more flags would have looked in place scattered along the line up, but you live and learn right?

Asses for days, some would even call these jail-bait in NZ. If you don’t know what that means, you’re either too young or too old. Luckily for us it’s okay to look, but no touching! Although I did take a few photos, I’m not sure, but that may get me in a little bit of trouble with the local authorities.

If you don’t like young asses, how about old ones? Well, 25 year old ones to be exact. So still in their prime if they’re kept in good shape. We were missing a nice set of type x lights, maybe one of these nice examples of 180SXs should cough up the few hundred dollars that they cost in NZ and chuck a set on?

We weren’t the only S-Chassis at the event though, there were about 50 all up. A few nice examples of white S15s and S14As here. The event organisers had two S-Chassis’ of their own that they brought along to the event. One was even on some timeless tri-spokes.

I had a look around and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of S-Chassis’ that actually did turn up. The majority of the Auckland owners made an appearance for this first big meet of NZ sunshine.

It’s always a great surprise, after living in the same town, going to so many events I lose count, that I can still see new S-Chassis’ every now and then. Actually almost every event I spot a new one that my camera hasn’t seen before. It’s a win win in my mind.

What a day that was. Hundreds of cars through the car park, good vibes were had, delicious food was eaten, thousands of photos were taken. The signs of a good event, and all of them met. We were a little bit hesitant on sorting out a pre-meet for this event with such short notice, but were surprised with the turnout we had, so expect us again at the next LACNZ meet in Auckland, NZ!

On an ending note, if you’re ever visiting our little city Auckland from anywhere in the world. Give us here at S-Chassis a message and I’m sure we can sort out a little get together on the weekend to show you a good time.

Pics, Words and Video thanks to Shaun Constable | Ambition Works!!

Video and Full photo gallery below!

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