Joel’s MADS14 Show Winner.

The 4&Rotary Promotions Nationals is one of New Zealand’s biggest annual modified car events, spread over two days.
Day 1 is the country’s biggest show and shine, with a huge variety of cars packed into several halls at Auckland’s ASB Showground’s. On Day 2 the event moves about 45 minutes south of Auckland to Meremere Dragway where the cars battle head to head to prove they are not just a show toy.

We will go further into the Nats with our event coverage which is due up in week or two.

Now onto Joel, and one of NZ’s most extreme show s-chassis. Boasting good looks, and a 350kw punch to the face when you open it up. Trust me, I have been for a few hot laps around Hampton Downs motorsport park with Joel. Let’s just say the S14, nor Joel have any issues shredding those rear tires!.
Joel has been in the show scene for a while now, and every year he strives to not only have a wicked car, but also a wicked display to back it up. A little while ago while watching the news, Joel says they were reporting from a golf course, and on the 18th hole there was a car set up in a similar way on the water and he knew after seeing it that’s what he wanted to do for the next big show and shine. This set up is totally next level, with a pond in the middle of hall 3, complete with river stones, a water fountain, under water lighting and goldfish, yes.. real live swimming goldfish!

This is no easy feat to set up, and Joel says he couldn’t do it without such a reliable set of mates to help him pull it off. The total set up time was around 9 hours. The team built a wooden frame to spec, leaving one side off, they lay out the black plastic canvas, then slowly moved the car in and jacked it up onto some paver stones. Then they slide the Perspex under the car, this is to keep the fish from hiding out of site. Next up on the list is the water fountain which is lifted into place, the lights are added then a whole heap of clean river stones are thrown in. After that, the side goes on, the wooden pond liner is attached and the pond is filled with water until it is lapping the bottom of the tires. Drop in some oxygen weed and the fish, and voila, you have this amazing show winning display that sets the S14 off perfectly. Unfortunately for those affected, necks are often twisted and broken as the public walk past and try to figure out what’s going on. The ones who survive the initial holy f*ck then usually return for quite some time, staring, taking pictures and appreciating the effort the crew have put in. I noticed some pretty big names stop buy and chat with Joel while looking very impressed, i.e. Mr and Mrs Speedhunters.

Once the day is over, they switch the fountain to reverse and pump the water out into the toilets, don’t worry.. they remove the fish first! Then everything is dis-assembled and packed away for next time.
All the efforts for the day were recognised by being presented with the award for best display, which was accompanied by the best wheels, and best sound install awards. I think it’s safe to say, Joel and the team went home, all be it very late, with massive smiles all round.

So what’s in store next for MADS14 and its show stopping displays? I can’t give anything away, all I can say is watch this space, and be prepared for some more next level sh!t!

Joel would like to extend a special thanks to Erica, Jono, Matt, Andrew, Crystal and Dylan along with everyone else for their help in setting up the car and their on-going support, and also The Bird Barn out in West Auckland for letting him borrow all the goldfish and oxygen weed!

Mixed gallery below!


The Good ones: Shaun Constable | @ambition works
Others: @mr_schassis

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