Jerkfest 2014

Having only heard about Jerk Fest (Jfest) and all of the cool things that happen, we just had to get along to check out the 2014 Jfest in all its glory! This year it was held at Taupo Motorsport Park in New Zealand which was filled with plenty of drift cars and grip cars to last a lifetime. The weather forecast looked good the night before, so our fingers were crossed for a sun kissed day of raw automotive activities.

Jfest is run by the Circle Jerk Crew, a club with over 200 active members that participate in straight grip racing to full on competitive drifting. Over 50 entrants made their way to Taupo from far and wide. The day started for me at 3.45am, leaving the west of Auckland at 4.30am hoping to arrive at Taupo 8.00am sharp for a full day of fresh cars and spectacular photo opportunities.

The weather was holding up by 9.00am. Perfect for shooting, with a natural softbox provided from the light clouds. If you’re ever feeling depressed or lonely, these events are the cure. The vibe is equivalent to the suns rays, just soak it up and have a good time with your mates. If you don’t have any, find someone with the same car and bingo they can be your new fellow automotive friend!

Corey was having mechanical issues at Taupo the previous weekend and was forced to leave early but he managed to keep on par all day today. Consistent drifts, insanely long smoke clouds, how else would you spend your weekend?

I got the chance to meet the boys from legit|split and their wicked 180SX trio. With little to no convincing we went up the hill to an empty patch of land to complete a mini little photoshoot. Having two of the same cars side by side looks great, but when there’s 3 it’s heaven on Earth. Thanks Nico, Ben and Kurt for the chat!

I Also got to meet one of the Circle Jerk Crew photographers Wayne. A real top bloke who also happens to own this angry looking Silvia. It’s funny how I’ve been taking pictures of peoples cars for the last year or so and only now I’m starting to put faces to cars. Like I said before you don’t need friends when you can just make them at the racetrack.

Ben provided a shadow of clouds throughout the day, while still rocking his battle scars from the first round of D1NZ. Im starting to love the look of these new D1 cars, its like they took 90’s styling but made it sleeker and simpler to fit the look of tomorrow.

Later on in the afternoon we started to see some drift tandems. I was lying down in the dirt between two muddy tractor tyres to get this angle. It’s a little bit cropped so the shakiness started to show, but trying to pan while lying down is one difficult task on top of having to guess when the cars were coming into the corner due to the massive tyre blocking my view.

I lay here pondering my thoughts for about half an hour or so. Most of the photos came out blury or out of focus from the camera trying to grab focus on the car in a split second but the ones that were spot on looked very nice. I think the ‘rally’ effort from the car in the background of the picture made it that much more special of a photo. Thanks Neal!

Wayne’s S14 was looking super sexy out on the track participating in the grip racing throughout the day. Something about this red and white theme is beginning to become rather popular in New Zealand and I can see why because it looks absolutely fantastic!

Until this year I had never been to Taupo, this was my third time and there’s no doubt that its an amazing track for racing and drifting. Being smack bang in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand its a great place for people from all over to travel to and not take up their whole day doing so.

It was worth the 3.45am wake up to enjoy this marvelous day. Meeting people that had been following me online was great fun. You can’t beat a sweet day with sweet cars there’s just nothing like it!

This was another weekend well spent in my books at the 2014 Jfest and we can’t wait for next years event.

Photos and Words by Shaun Constable / Ambition Works

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