William Igyarto’s Sileighty

Photo’s and words provided by: Thomas Tucker.

As usual for me, we’re coming to you from the motherland of jdm, specifically from a small island in the Pacific only an hours flight from Taiwan. Home of some of the worlds’ oldest people, and some pretty quick cars, it should be no surprise that this Sileighty is not our drivers first ride. This is his first S-Chassis however. Mentioning the RB26 and the Rocket Bunny kit as the reason to make the swap, I can’t say I blame him. These same features are what caught my eye when scouting the island for cars worthy of your attention. For this feature I would like to initially cover some history on the Sileighty and then go in detail on William’s car and what’s been done on the build.

Starting with a little info on the man behind the wheel, William Igyarto, or Igy as most on island call him, first got himself into the car culture when arriving here in Okinawa in September of 1993. Originally coming to the island like many others via military orders, William began to get into the local scene. He soon began attending car shows, mixing in with the “gear heads” and generally delving deeper into the scene. This would eventually lead to him purchasing his first car, an 83′ Paul Newman Skyline, stating “I didn’t really know what I had except a turbo”. For those who might not know, during 1983 the Paul Newman version R30 was released to commemorate the association between Nissan and the actor Paul Newman. The Newman Skyline was simply a top spec GT-ES turbo with signature embroidery and decals. Even if he didn’t know what it was most would say that is one hell of a first car! William would move on from this car eventually taking advantage of the many options available while overseas until coming to his current 97′ CTR and Sil80 combo. To some it may seem crazy but William has chosen to stay in Okinawa after his time in the Marines, never actually leaving since arriving in 93′. However with the warm weather, the awesome culture, the sweet rides and gorgeous beaches it isn’t exactly uncommon for people to follow in his footsteps. Maybe someday down the road I may find myself joining him, who knows?

The Sileighty, or Sil80 to some, is a Nissan 180sx with a Silvias headlights, front fender, hood, and front bumper installed. Hence the “Sil” in front and the “eighty” in rear. Originally started by early Japanese street racers looking to replace damaged 180sx front ends, the swap later became popular with drifters because of the cheaper and lighter Silvia parts. Little did they know this would spark a trend and inspire Japanese auto shop, Kids Heart, to produce an “official” Nissan Sileighty. The shop only produced 500 models, and they were only sold in 1998. These “official” Sileighties are essentially a kouki 180sx Type-X tuned for drifters. The car includes a new ECU, stiffer suspension, improved limited-slip differential, and an increase in turbocharger boost. The cars were also fitted with the “Sileighty” name on the rear dressplate and quarter windows. This was to help distinguish them from home built rides such as the one we are looking at today.

While technically a Sileighty is the combination of the 180SX body and an S13 front end, over time sub categories of the Sil80 have developed to help distinguish the many different styles. For example those with an S15 front end are most commonly called a strawberry face swap. Another variation seen that is in a way flip-flopped from what we see with William’s build is the Onevia. The Onevia is an S13 Chassis with the 180sx front. again going off the “one” for 180 in front and “via” for Silvia in rear. So you can see some effort has gone into classifying these home-built Sileighty styles over time. However this car stands out even when categorized down into a sub-group.

Moving past Sil80’s in general and on to the history of the build, William got the car just 7 months ago and it has traded hands more than a few times across island. A previous owner in 2007 did the RB26 engine swap, then later the same owner took the car down and rebuilt the engine from 2008 to mid 2009. When finally returning to the road, the car had twin TD06’s, the Rocket Bunny kit you see today, and a fresh coat of white paint. Some owners later, a fellow named Collen picked up the project. He started by upgrading the fuel system and brakes, then started to complete a lot of the much needed regular maintenance issues. Following that, he put on the slick TE37 wheels we see on it today as well as the Vinyl work, but more on that later. From Collen the car came to William as a car that had sat for a year with no attention, a project, but for a good price. When he received it, he began work on replacing the cracked block, fixing the rats nest of wiring in the dash, changing out the ECU for a Haltech and pairing it with the Racepak. Once this was finally all finished up he went to work on the tune and eventually getting the car back on the road. Along with all that, he did also have a desire to pull the turbo stating the lack of a drag strip on Okinawa “made them pointless”. Luckily what issues William did have he knew about already and had no trouble finding the parts or accomplishing the work. Today the car is free of its major issues and sits properly tuned. It is nice to see the car finally running and completed after going through so many hands over the years.

Now on to the heart of this beautiful beast. The first thing you are guaranteed to notice when opening the hood to view the engine bay is that an R33 RB26 has been swapped in. Set up with an instantly eye catching rising sun paint job. To help supply more fuel and compensate for a higher air to fuel ratio William has installed 1000cc injectors and dual Bosch fuel pumps. He has also mildly ported the heads simply cleaning up all the casting flash, smoothing out the runners and taking out the “humps”. William stated that he didn’t want to go too far with the RB26 and that they flow pretty well from the factory. As we talked about previously William did swap out the twin TD06’s and installed a the new HKS T04R Turbo. To compliment it he has also installed a 46mm wastegate and 50mm blow off valve from Tial. Moving along and keeping everything under the hood cool you will find a 3 core GT-R Koyo radiator, 4 core intercooler, and a Grex 10 row oil cooler. Finally looking outside the engine bay we can find a real treat. Proudly sitting in the dash is a Racepak, Replacing all the gauges on the dash and offering all the information right there on a single digital display. These are a coveted piece of kit for a lot of drivers and this one goes one better. Coupled via a 2 wire CAN connection is a Haltech Platinum Pro. These bad boys act as a full ECU replacement using factory sensors to eliminate the hassle and cost of a re-wire. Anything you could need done this can accomplish, simple as that.

Cosmetically we have covered everything at least in some context but it is important to note that even with some minor stains on the rear bumper and the love or hate sharpie vinyl work this is a very clean Sil80.  Speaking of the vinyl work you may recognize the designs from a pretty popular “lost birds” GT-R that was done with sharpie and has been making its way around the net.  The panels were done by the same people on this however they have since upgraded to an awesome vinyl system for more durability.  Essentially she will do the design then they are scanned in and printed on multiple pieces of vinyl.  Following this they are delicately put together to forum on large piece for application.  It is a pretty awesome system and the designs are literally one of a kind as they are done by hand.  William has realized that it truly is a love or hate piece on the car and said some of the reason he keeps them on is to fuel the haters.  Feel free to leave your opinion on the matter in the comments just know that it wont be changing his mind.  Another notable feature on the car besides the slick TE37’s, S15 dash, and the Rocket Bunny kit is the killer paint job adding some flash to the engine bay!  Setup as an ode to japan with a rising sun it really helps the RB26 pop under the hood.

Sadly though, it looks as though this Sil80 may again be trading hands. Just after finishing this article William sadly lost his job and now has to find a new one or leave Okinawa. I can’t imagine what the poor man is going through. We will keep an eye on the car and as always keep you updated on its status. Even if it is sold, we are looking forward to what may happen with it down the road. Well, this is all I have for you, I really hope you enjoyed the photos and hopefully I was able to portray with my writing what a killer ride this really is. I do apologize if it did get a bit lengthy but hopefully it was worth your time.

Work list

  • 1993 Sil80
  • Stock R33 RB26 block
  • R33 crossmember
  • McKinney Motorsports trans mount
  • McKinney Motorsports 1 piece driveshaft
  • Mildly ported head
  • 264in/272ex 9.7mm lift cams
  • Tomei valvesprings
  • O.S. Giken triple plate clutch
  • Ikeya Formula tierods and tierod ends
  • F Zero blue 18×10.5 +22 TE37’s
  • 6666 Customs Rocket Bunny body kit
  • TO4R turbo
  • Tial 46mm wastegate
  • Tial Q 50mm blow off
  • Haltech Platinum Pro plug-in
  • Racepak dash
  • 1000cc RC injectors
  • Dual Bosch 044 fuel pumps
  • GTR 3 Core Koyo radiator
  • Grex 10 row oil cooler
  • GTR diff, hubs, and axles
  • Stoptech 355mm BBK
  • 4 core intercooler
  • Stillway exhaust
  • Megan Racing coilovers

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Photos and words provided by: Thomas Tucker

Through These Eyes Photography

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