Happily Ever After

Have you ever dreamed about importing your favorite car direct from Japan to your nearest port? David Boland did, his first choice was an AE86. The car arrived, and sadly it was a nightmare. The AE86 had fueling trouble among other issues and after trying to trace and rectify the faults, David decided it was time to cut his losses and sell it with a broken heart.

That would be enough to put anyone off im sure.. but the S-Chassis has a special way of grabbing your attention and not letting go. That’s what happened to David while he was browsing the Japanese auction sites. The Zenki has those eyes you know, you look into them and get lost in a world of thought. Should I? Could I? Is this a crazy idea? The answer is yes, it is slightly crazy, but what’s life without taking risks? ‘Click.’ Your bid has been placed. And that was that.

A few days past and then out of the blue a phone call from JDM Auction Watch. The team had seen David’s bid, and as the auction only went a few hundred higher, they decided to bid on his behalf and offer up a few more Euro’s. They seemed pretty confident David would not want to see this Grade 4 S14 slip through his fingers.
After a quick “Yeah, go on then” the deal was done and David’s replacement dream car was on the water and headed for Ireland!

After a long 5 months and a few shipping difficulties the car arrived at Dublin port and David went down to see it in the flesh for the first time.
“I just turned a corner in my truck and spotted it straight away, the red was so bright I even had workers from the port come over and tell me they were admiring it earlier, telling me how nice it was, I was shocked, These were old guys!”
The S14 was sitting on special bolster because it was too low for the boat. David was over the moon.

The car was much tidier than he had imagined. David popped the hood to check out the heart and the SR20 had a few surprise add on’s he didn’t know about. A Greddy turbo, Blitz intercooler and an oil cooler extended David’s already massive smile. His attention was then turned to the interior. A fixed back bucket seat along with a Greddy boost controller and a “badass Jap nav radio” were all awesome unexpected extras. However the seat was designed for a skinny dude so was quickly replaced with a red Bride Brix II seat, and David also added a Nardi wheel to seal the deal.

Mods include:

  •  Work Wheels XD9’s
  • Blitz intercooler Kit
  • Oil cooler
  • Greddy turbo
  • Upgraded injectors
  • Nardi steering wheel
  • Red Bride Brix II drivers seat
  • Cusco pillar bars
  • Greddy boost controller
  • Dmax bonnet
  • HDD Navigation system
  • SR20DET VVT conversion
  • KTS Coilovers
  • Extended track rod ends
  • Full Body kit
  • Extended over fenders
  • Straight through exhaust system
  • 2 way Differential

After collection, the S14 was taken straight to Davids mate Jonathan Corbally at Jc autocare for a valet which made it look brand new.

It’s safe to say David is more than happy with the purchase, no regrets here. The S14 is perfect in every way. Now it’s time to get the paper work finalized, so the Silvia can hit the streets of Ireland and drop a few jaws!

David Boland

Photos thanks to:
Dave Tyrrell | PDP Photography
David Boland

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