Garage 13: Revisited

It is starting to become a sort of tradition now that whenever I’m in Australia I visit the boys at Garage 13. I did it at the start of 2015 for the first time and carried the tradition over to 2016. This time was a little bit different, as Garage 13 had become somewhat bigger – changes were required. The main one being a relocation to a bigger and better facility in Brisbane.

As well as growing in size, Beau and the team have finally got around to adding graphics to the team’s cars. That being a massive Garage 13 logo with a cute anime girl that has changing hair on each car. The team consists of a few drivers and cars. Doug’s Red S14 seen here and Andrew’s Blue Cefiro in the next photo have stayed present since my last visit, however Beau has sold the Odyssey converted front ended S13 for a new project.

As well as being a place to work on and store the team cars, Garage 13 is predominantly a car parts and accessory store with a huge interest in S-Chassis and R-Chassis cars. They purchase wrecked cars and on sell the parts that aren’t damaged. The shop also dips its fingers in car modifications and basic services.

Beau, the owner and founder of Garage 13 has purchased a new workhorse. At the time, it was only a rolling body that was yet to see an engine implant. The canvas was already looking rad, only a heart and a few other pieces needed to be added to complete it. The goal was to have it ready for the upcoming matsuri so Garage 13 could make a huge impression there and get some nice trains going.

Just like my visit last year, the shop was filled to the brim with some awesomely modified Nissan’s. This R33 really took my interest. The color alone was enough to make me want to inspect it further. The rear guards have been cut, and some sleek looking wide guards added to fit the wide Work VS wheels. Following the wide styling, a massive wing sits on the boot complementing the rear of the car very well.

The new workshop supports enough room for about 15 or so cars. As well as multiple storage spaces, a front desk, couches, upstairs, workbenches lining the wall, and 3 handy hoists. Plenty of space to work on cars and dismantle them, much more than the old workplace.

The upstairs storage area was a great place to get a better vantage point of the garage. The amount of cars Beau and his team have been able to squeeze inside is actually rather impressive. Along with all the Nissan’s, there are a few other types of cars hiding in the corners; like the brown Trueno sitting in the back left. It’s running a high revving 4A-GE with an addition of a massive turbo. Some serious power for such a small and light chassis.

Whilst I was there visiting, these two cars were on their way to becoming a guttered bare shell. Most of the parts had already been removed, but a few remained. It wouldn’t take long before one could do it all in a day.

Whilst second-hand parts are their main business, Garage 13 also do a few custom mods. These seat rails were either the wrong ones for the car, or a cheap Chinese knock offs that just didn’t fit. Either way, Garage 13 spent a little time making up some custom brackets to fit it perfectly into the car.

Walking in the shop, you’re welcomed with the front desk, plus a lot of other stuff. This kind of reminds me of the shops in Japan, where they have mass amounts of cool parts and other merchandise for you to look at. Just to the right of this photo, is a fridge, covered with stickers, most likely from all over the world.

It’s a little bit of a wonderland inside this workshop. The amount of parts stacked up is rather mind blowing. It’s not messy either. You could find any screw or bolt that you needed from out of these buckets. Nearly all of them were as full as this one right here. On the shelf below are buckets full of mounts, along with a few other bits and bobs.

In one corner of the shop, you’ll find stacks of bigger car parts. Exhausts, drive shafts, suspension, steering racks, parts from motors and gearboxes. If you have a Nissan Skyline or Silvia in the Brisbane area, these guys will no doubt have the spare part you need.

A few engines lay on the ground sitting on some second-hand tires. Either being parted out or being rebuilt for customers. Maybe a lucky Silvia is getting an RB transplant sometime soon?

The team at Garage 13 also pride themselves on collecting some awesome sets of wheels. With plenty of dish, these wheels will certainly only fit on some seriously wide cars.

Outside of the shop, you can find a very sad looking graveyard where mostly Silvias and Skylines come to die, and a few other lucky models of cars. There’s not much left here of this R32 anymore. It actually looks a bit confused, which way does it want to go?

It wasn’t much fun being outside on this day. The rain didn’t stop; I picked the wrong day to come to Australia that’s for sure. The weather was still hot and muggy, but there was no sun, only rain. The cars outside the shop were also feeling it, with exposed metal turning quickly into rust.

Back inside a few cars are in a progress state. The 180SX on the right and the S13 on the left are both missing a few parts as you can clearly see. However, will more parts be taken off, or will they be turned into street or track cars?

I was only around for about an hour or so, during that time quite a handful of interesting cars showed up to pick up some parts or see their mates at Garage 13. I don’t think there would be a boring day at work if you worked at this garage, that’s for sure.

A few skylines sat outside, waiting for their chance to get out of the rain and worked on. The cars inside the shop looked a lot happier than the ones outside.

The only reason I went to Garage 13 last year was to shoot Tye’s purple S13, so I called him and Zac up to make sure they would be at Garage 13 this time around too. Zac’s now got himself a sweet Toyota Chaser for his daily, while Tye may or may not still be running around in his Nissan March. While I was there, one of Zac’s mates brought along a Lexus IS 250 sitting on what look to be R35 wheels!

The team at Garage 13 were starting to prep for the next drifting matsuri in a couple of months. They ended up taking 3 or 4 cars and putting on a rather good show for the crowd. One day we’ll have to go over and see what these Australian matsuris are all about.

If you’re in the Brisbane area and want second hand-parts, or some modifications done. Be sure to give Garage 13 a bell, some rad dudes doing some cool stuff.

Photos and words thanks to Shaun Constable

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