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Earlier this month Tokyo hosted their first StanceNation Event – STANCENATION JAPAN G Edition 2015 // Odaiba

There was a huge variety of cars on display, but it was the Garage Miniz Co S15 Silvia that stole the show.

This aggressive S15 is certainly one that makes you look twice. Its presence is out of this world, and I am sure it is to blame for multiple neck injuries.

Its attention seeking powers worked wonders on the show judges, and the Silvia took away the ‘Best in Show’ award.

The combination of aero, wheels and engine set up is next level to say the least, its no wonder the judges were drawn to it.

If you are not a V8 swap fan then look away now, because this machine is no longer powered by a SR20, in fact it is not even Nissan powered at all. The engine has been ripped out and replaced by Toyotas 1UZ V8, with the addition of not one, but two turbochargers!

The aero on this car must have surely helped add up the points. The S15 Rocket Bunny Kit is still relativity new, and these are genuine pieces too, not S14 parts chopped up and made to fit.

In all four corners you will find Barramundi design forged wheels (BMD forged), measuring 18×10 up front, and a massive 18×12 in the back! She stays low and firm thanks to Aragosta suspension. Check out the quick clip below for a little ear candy! 

  • EventStanceNation Japan G Edition 2015 // Odaiba
  • Award: ‘Best in Show’
  • Car: Nissan Silvia S15
  • Engine: Toyota 1UZ V8 – Twin Turbo
  • Aero: Rocket Bunny 6666
  • WheelsBarramundi design forged wheel (BMD forged) 18×10 & 18×12
  • Suspension: Aragosta

Pictures thanks to Akifumi Yamamoto | Yama-channel

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