Double Trouble!

Not long ago I was talking with Troy and I suggested we put something together on his white kouki S14. I had a quick chat with Ricky about taking some pics of it and then that was that, I waited in excitement for the shoot to take place and the new snaps to arrive.  It wasn’t long before the photo link graced my inbox, and with it I got this awesome surprise! Not one, but two of Australia’s cleanest Kouki S14s sitting side by side!

Lets take a look at Troy Sevens S14 first, the white one.. a.k.a [FUUARK]. This has got to be one of the most well known S14’s in Aussie and for good reason. It has been around since 2011, formally a very mildly modified street car running a Microtec LT-10s and a T28 turbo hanging from a ‘spaghetti manifold’.. Troy thought it was the quickest thing ever, but within the first week he managed to break a few things. The turbo coolant lines started to leak, the turbo gave up and he blew the gearbox..

The new car buzz was slightly killed now, and Troy was left wondering ‘Have i bought a lemon?’

The advice he was getting was to sell it.. But it was too late, the bug had bitten, and Troy was in love. He replaced the turbo with a GT2871 and also rebuilt the 5 speed SR20 box himself.
Two months passed, the need for more boost was too strong, so up it went via the form of a good  old boost tee.. unfortunately he blew the engine that very day racing an R32 Skyline along the M7.

A recently purchased Mazworx Inlet Manifold was then added to the ‘to do’ list thinking it would be a simple bolt on swap and change of the cold pipe..Upon test fit, Troy realized the fuse box was in the way and he needed a solution. The Microtec LT-10s was sold and the buyer referred him to (his now trusted and great friend) Anthony at Dahtone Racing. Within the first discussion and a walk around the shop, Troy knew instantly his S14 belonged there and needed Anths work. His wiring and engine building skills and knowledge are exceptional.

Troy supplied a stock bottom end and had the head built at another shop, then the car was sent to Anthony, as he was in charge of all the electrical work and assisting with fitting up the manifolds, turbo etc. Due to the Mazworx manifold hitting the fuse box, it was decided that a wire tuck was also mandatory.

After going through two engines, Troy decided he would listen to Anthony’s advice, and the go ahead was given to build a solid engine package resulting in 407kw (545hp) @ 28psi at the rear wheels, and the artwork you see under the hood.
Future plans include a new look, with a different style of wheels and a new set up so the car can see track time (circuit).
And Troys favorite part?
“Favorite thing is prob my relationship with it, She calms me down when I’m mad, and she gets rowdy when I put my foot into her”

Mod List

  • ACL Race Series Engine main, conrod & thrust bearings
  • ARP 2000 Conrod Bolts
  • ARP Race Main Caps
  • Nitto 86.50mm 8.5:1 Forged Pistons
  • Nitto ‘I’ Beam Forged Conrods
  • OEM Crankshaft, Crack Tested and Polished
  • Koyo Twin core aluminium radiator
  • Nismo Thermostat
  • Haltech 4 Bar MAP Sensor
  • Haltech Aux Cable
  • Haltech Electronic Boost Solenoid
  • Haltech Platinum Pro Plug-In ECU
  • Precision CEA 5858 .63 ar Dual BB turbocharger
  • Rex Kelway’ T3 flange, High mount steam pipe manifold
  • Turbosmart CompGate40 wastegate w/ 14psi spring
  • Injector Dynamics 2000cc Injectors
  • Speedflow 10 micron E85 Fuel Filter


  • Rebuilt Z32 Gearbox
  • Engineered to Slide Z32 to SR20 adapter plate
  • Modified shifter mount
  • Z32 Nismo gearbox mount
  • NPC Billet lightweight flywheel
  • ARP Flywheel Bolts
  • NPC10″ Hi Torque single plate 5 puk clutch
  • Non ABS R33 LSD Diff Tightly Shimmed 4.11 ratio
  • Z1 Z32 Short Throw Gear shifter
  • Customized 2-piece Tailshaft, weighted and balanced
  • Turbosmart FPR1200 Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Walbro 450LPH E85 Hi Pressure Fuel Pump
  • ARP 12mm enlarged Head Studs
  • Brian Crower 264/264 12.5mm Camshafts
  • Brian Crower Adjustable Cam Gears
  • Brian Crower Titanium Valve Springs & Retainers
  • Nitto 1.2mm Multi Layer Steel Head Gasket
  • Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers
  • Dahtone Racing Intercooler Piping
  • Hybrid Intercooler
  • Hypertune 90mm Throttle Body
  • Hypertune Fuel Rail Polished
  • Hypertune Inlet Manifold
  • K&N 4″x5″ POD Air Filter
  • Turbosmart RacePort50 50mm Blow Off Valve
  • Aluminium lightweight pulleys
  • Dahtone Racing Catch Can
  • HFM SR20DET RWD enlarged & baffled sump


  • 3″ custom v-band dump pipe
  • 3″Custom Exhaust by Northmead Performance Exhaust
  • Magnaflow Mid-mount muffler
  • Custom Blast pipes
  • Wastegate Return with Flex
  • Screamer Pipes
  • Ceramic Coating


  •  BC Gold Coilovers
  • Rear Cusco Strut Brace
  • Hardrace Adjustable Tow Arms
  • Hardrace Adjustable Camber Arms
  • Hardrace Adjustable Castor Arms
  • Nolathane Subframe Bushes
  • Whiteline Front & Rear Adjustable Sway Bars
  • GKTech Solid Diff Bushes
  • Strengthened S14 Cradle


  • Recaro SR3 Seats custom embroided
  • Recaro Genuine S14 Rails
  • Yashio Factory Gear Boot and Gear Knob
  • Nardi DeepCorn 350mm steering wheel
  • WorksBell boss kit steering wheel
  • Sony Xplod DVD Player
  • S15 Dash, Custom Leather Door Cards, Custom Leather Rear seats and carpet
  • Defi Gauges (Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Boost)
  • AEM Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Kit


  • OEM JDM Plastic Rear Bumper Bar
  • OEM JDM Plastic Kouki front lip
  • OEM JDM Plastic Navan Side Skirts
  • Garage Defend Cooling Panel
  • OEM JDM Rear Pods
  • OEM JDM Plastic Front Bar
  • Custom moulded carbon fibre front lip
  • Custom moulded Carbon Fibre Side Skirts
  • Gazspeed Fender Flares
  • Rex Kelway Wheel Tubs
  • Gazspeed Shaved bay
  • Quantum Auto Body Repairs Body repairs and Respray
  • “FUUARK” number plates
  • K’s Aero Badges
  • Aeroflow braided lines, fittings, bungs etc
  • Every bolt in Engine Bay is Stainless Steel Cap Head Allen key bolts and washers
  • Vertex Headlights
  • 6000k HID Headlight Kit
  • OEM Kouki Foglights
  • JDM Orange Indicators
  • D-Max LED Taillights
  • Holden VT Side Indicators
  • Custom tinted amber Corner Lights

Brakes , Wheel and Tyres

  • Work Termist 3pc 18×9+33
  • Work Termist 3pc 18×12+0
  • Kumho KU31 255/35/18 & 225/35/18
  • Brakes 2 piece 356mm rotors
  • 8pot D2 callipers
  • Braided lines
  • R33 gtst 2 pot rear brakes with drum set up
  • Braided lines
  • BM57 polished master cylinder
  • Custom in bay brake lines
  • Wilwood brake pro portioning valve

The red S14 belongs to Jesse Ray. Jesse picked it up around 3yrs ago with a boost leak, that was soon fixed by fitting up a trusty Blitz front mount intercooler, and with that the ball was set into play.


  • Kouki aero front bar
  • Navan aero skirts
  • Kouki aero rear bar
  • Kouki aero rear pods
  • Kouki aero wing
  • Greddy lip
  • D MAX widebody front guards
  • D MAX widebody rear guards
  • D MAX vented bonnet
  • D MAX roof spoiler
  • Ganador with indicator super mirrors
  • Visors
  • All red Tails
  • Tinted windows
  • Full Respray


  • Recaro SR3 seats
  • Genuine recaro rails
  • Works bell short hub and quick release
  • Nardi deep corn wheel
  • Greddy profec boost controller
  • Greddy touch infometer
  • Defi control unit with advance BF boost and oil temp
  • D MAX red/black checkered floor mats
  • Japanese hidden pocket vent surround
  • Nismo gt500 gear knob
  • Black and red stitch gear boot
  • Clarion double din head unit
  • Clarion speakers all round
  • Broadway mirror


  • Tomei Exhaust manifold
  • 3″ stainless downpipe
  • Kakimoto exhaust
  • Cold air intake w 3A pod
  • Walbro 225LPH fuel pump
  • Greddy oil cooler and relocation kit
  • Stainless turbo lines
  • T28BB Turbo
  • Blitz front mount Inter Cooler
  • Loom through the chassis rail
  • Koyo radiator
  • Nismo thermostat

Wheels, Brakes and Suspension

  • Work meister’s 9.5 -1 & 10.5 -1
  • Fortune auto 500 coilovers
  • Ultra racing strut brace
  • STANCE adjustable arms
  • Kazama super tie rod ends
  • Slotted rotors
  • Project MU pads

Jesse says his favorite part of the car is probably the aero. “Too many people rock huge, fake kits and I think it upsets the lines of the s14. If more people imported proper aero or at least genuine kits, the s14 would be a more appreciated car”.

I do agree the lines of an S14 are very easy to upset. However, when the owner nails it, they can look like the master pieces you see here.

Photos: Ricky Rigutto Photography

Words: @Mr_SChassis

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