FREAK OUT Central Japan S14

I have been following  Daisuke Masuda and FREAK OUT Central Japan on Facebook for quite some time now. His car has always fascinated me, everything about it is modified so tastefully. The wheel and body kit combo combined with the unique color make for some seriously good eye candy! 

The S14 sits perfectly on a set of Work Equip 04’s  measuring 18 x 10J -38  up front and 18 x 11.5J -22 on the rear.

Ride height is achieved using a set of Japanese quality 326power coilovers – F.24k, R16k.

The kouki rocks a BNsports type4 full body kit, BNsports front and rear fenders, BNsports bonnet and an ORIGIN roof wing.

The SR20DET has been upgraded with a T67-25G turbo, 256° HKS cams and a TRUST intake manifold.

All efforts were recognized last weekend when the S14 took 1st place slammed at Offset Kings Okayama!

Car Owner:
Daisuke Masuda

Photos thanks to:
FREAK OUT Central Japan
Daisuke Masuda
Miki Tsuda

Words by:

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