FENIX Open Day

Last Saturday, the doors opened up at FENIX Radiators Head office in Auckland and the car park was reserved for an open day and show n shine. Complete with a Bouncy Castle, spot prizes, specials and a BBQ it sure was going to be a mean day for anyone who went along. Our photographer Shaun from Ambition Works was there to check out the cars on display.

Adam and Joel from C’s Garage brought their matching s-chassis along for people to get an up close look at the D1NZ spec  S13 Onevia and S14 Silvia.

Adrian’s super clean kouki S14 was looking good as always, those work wheels are such a perfect match to his car!

The Fenix Radiators S14 track Silvia was also on display, providing yet another car for everyone to drool all over.

Matt came out in the Yukai Sendo ユカイ センド Motorsport  S13 aka [TORTIS], another s-chassis that see’s a good amount of track time.

This S15 was looking fresh! The white on white theme remains popular, and for good reason!

There were quite a few kouki 14’s on show for the day, each with their own unique style.

Believe it or not Adam’s Zenki is a purpose built drift machine, not a show car.. Adam and brother Joel own C’s Garage and run a two car team in D1NZ, New Zealands premier drifting championship series.

The final generations of the S-Chassis. These two cars are clearly the owners pride and joy, simple and tasteful builds that never fail to impress.

I am a big fan of Ryan’s S14, i get the feeling he is a bit of a perfectionist, in a good way of course. The S14 is in absolutely pristine condition inside and out, i imagine it looks better than the day it rolled out of the factory. With all the OEM trimmings and GT-R wheels, it really does look like a special limited edition model that Nissan came up with themselves.

Cheers FENIX Radiators for organizing such an awesome meet, We hope there is another one being planned soon!

Photos thanks to Shaun Constable | Ambition Works


Word by Chris Cave

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