East Wind 240SX

East Wind 240SX from Hawaii!   

1993 Nissan 240SX Fastback

Owner: Scott-Michael Waracka

Mod list

Engine: E5 180SX Black top, Eagle rods, JE pistons, ARP mains, ARP rod bolts, ARP head Studs, Supertec Dual titanium Valve springs & Retainers, Rocker arm stoppers, 5 angle valve job, Brian Crower 264 cams, Cosworth head gasket, New oil pump, New rear main seal, Greddy oil pan, Garrett GT3071R turbocharger with T3 .78 AR Full-Race SR ProStreet Gen 2 Manifold, Full-race 3.0in Gen 2 down-pipe, Tial 44mm Waste-gate ,Aftermarket intake manifold, 90mm throttle body, Yashio Factory water pump pulley, Spit-Fire coil packs, Synapse Synchronic BOV, Universal Intercooler with 3.0in inlet and outlet, Custom Intercooler piping.

Electronics: Apex-i PowerFC D-Jetro Apex-i AVC-R AEM Wide Band air fuel ratio Stack ST8100 dash display Painless 12 circuit race car wiring harness

Drivetrain: Competition clutch twin plate kit, Stock trans, Short shifter, One piece Drive shaft, welded diff.

Chassis: Tein Super Drift Coilovers, Jic tension rods, Kazama subframe collars, kazama RUCA, Kazama toe rod, Kazama traction Rod, Parts shop max dual z32 rear caliper spindals era1 “THE HANDLE” willwood master cylinder for hand brake, 300ZX brakes front and rear, 300ZX rear ebrake assembly, 300ZX booster, 300ZX master cylinder New 88 rotors all around, De powered Steering Rack (the right way).

Fuel: Sard 800cc top feed Injectors, Sard FPR Summit 15 gal fuel cell, 2 liter fuel surge tank, Summit fuel Pump (from tank to surge tank), Bosch 044 High Pressure Fuel Pump(surge tank to fuel rail), Custom 3/8 fuel lines from back to front of car with 2 in-line fuel filters.

Interior: Corbeau FX1 seats, Nagisa side mount ultra low seat rails, Sparco removable Steering Wheel hub, NRG suede steering wheel, Schroth Racing 6 point Profi II harness, Custom roll cage(Changed a few times), nismo shift knob.

Exterior: Origin Aggressive style kit, Unknown roof wing, Unknown hood, Seibon carbon hatch, koguchi style over fenders, Siebon GT wing with Big Country Labs stands.

Shoes: Work Wheels Schwerts SC3 18×9 -10 18×10 -20, Parts shop max spacers all around.

Photo’s thanks to Eric Silva!!

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