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Over the last year we have featured a lot of S-Chassis, but S-Chassis are not just Street Driven stance cars built for hard parks and e-fame, many are far from it, with most spending a fair amount of time sideways. So to stay true to this and not misrepresent our favorite cars I decided it was time to feature another S-Chassis built with Drifting in mind.

This is Matt ‘matilda’ Kerr’s 1999 Silvia S15 Spec R. The S15 was imported by Matt himself back in 2010, and it is not just any S15, this particular Silvia has the full NISMO package, upgraded exhaust, control arms, GT pro diff, gearbox and the aero kit along with some extras like the ZEAL endless function coil overs and WORK CR-KAI’s in WMB finish.

Clearly a lot has changed, this started with replacing the many things that broke while bouncing it of urban surfaces that would come out of nowhere when he first started drifting it, pretty much every part of the car has been modified over the course of ownership. Damage repairs from the front line of war that is drifting, to keeping up with his own personality and ever changing fashion and trend preferences. This car after all is just an extension of Matt himself. He shares a special bond with this Silvia, and the way it makes him feel when driving it is his favorite thing about the car, his emotions change and that is something no other possession in Matt’s life has ever done.

Matt is part of Downside Drifters,  which started off as a group of like minded friends from the streets, but has now developed to a crew/brotherhood attending events, practice days and shows around the UK. Downside party hard and drive even harder, always! Due to the big following and large amount of support they have been receiving, Downside Drifters has been transformed into a brand and merging into a team that will be competing around Europe while also pushing its own clothing range and image. You can find links to the crew pages at the end of the feature.

The most recent modification was a new ACT clutch and flywheel set up after the old one decided to give up on life just before qualifying at Drift Outlaws Round 2. The S15 also sports a new URAS rear bumper, front tubular bumper bar and oil cooler, all of which got owned in a drift train fail pile up and the same event. There are no future plans as such, things just tend to just happen when Matt gets a strong and powerful enough urge to do something. It’s a bit like that feeling you get when you see a hot piece of ass you just have to have, so do everything in your power to obtain it.


  • SR20DET Black top built by NISPRO 415bhp – 398lbft
  • ACL big and small end race bearings.
  • Cosworth 1.1mm metal head gasket.
  • ARP Head bolts.
  • 880cc ASNU injectors
  • S15 LINK ECU
  • Tomei Pon-Cams
  • Owens Developments GT3071R HTA turbo with ported out cast top mount manifold and external waste gate.
  • BLITZ intake.
  • Custom FMIC Setup.
  • BLITZ NUR SPEC Exhaust.
  • Driftworks Superlow downpipe.
  • SETRAB oil cooler with oil filter relocation.
  • Drivetrain
  • NISMO 6speed gearbox.
  • JAPSPEED solid engine and gearbox mounts.
  • DRIFTWORKS S15 lightweight flywheel.
  • ACT Paddle clutch.
  • Welded 4.1 ration R34 ABS Skyline differential.
  • Skyline drive shafts.


  • Driftworks Suzuka drivers and SPARCO passenger bucket seats with modified rails.
  • Driftworks 4point harnesses.
  • Plumbed in FIA fire extinguisher and killswitch system.
  • JJC Hydraulic handbrake.
  • Nardi style steering wheel
  • ZILLA LIFE gear knob.


  • Huxley Motorsport tubular front end.
  • Fabricage roll cage modified by Huxley Motorsport.
  • BC coilovers.
  • DRIFTWORKS Front Geomasters.
  • +30mm extended Lowe arms
  • Huxley Motorsport extended tie rods.
  • Jappseed super lock tension rods.
  • Huxley Motorsport 30mm modified steering rack position.
  • Standard S15 front brakes.
  • Z32 rear brake setup.
  • GKtech S-chassis rear knuckles.
  • Driftworks rear Camber, Traction and Toe arms.
  • NISPRO reinforced rear subframe with Driftworks solid mounts.


  • URAS body kit.
  • DMAX boot and roof spoilers.
  • DMAX bonnet
  • DMAX +30mm front wings.
  • ORIGIN +30mm rear over fenders.
  • Kinzuru Kits headlight blanks.
  • Purple paint with Mieley livery design applied by ZILLA LIFE


  • Japan Racing JR12 Alloy wheels.
  • Front: 18x9J ET25 with 15mm superformer spacers.
  • Rear: 18x10j ET20

For the most part he just wants to keep a happy medium of an enjoyable car to drive that isn’t too stressful to maintain but can also go nuts and be competitive when needed. That being said the idea of a SR22VET has been floating around at the back of his mind.

Matt would like to thank the following; “All my friends that have ever helped out in any shape or form with the car and come to events and supported me. The crew – Martin, Tess, Luke, Huxley, Ben, Ant, Conor, Dougal and everyone else (you know who you are). Special mention to my man Gav who’s been there from day one putting up with my shit and trailering my sorry arse to events helping repair it every time it broke or I smashed it of something in any way, and to any sponsor partial or full that have been involved with me until this point including the following – NISPRO, ZILLA LIFE, GENESIS ICE, FORGE MOTORSPORT, KINZURU KITS, TYRE & AUTO, EVOLUTION BCL”

Photography thanks to John Dalton
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