Demon Energy D1NZ R4 Hampton Downs

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Round 4 of the Demon Energy D1NZ Drifting Championship returned to Hampton Downs Motorsport Park half way between Auckland and Hamilton for an action packed weekend of Drifting. Can the turbo charged cars make a comeback? Or will the V8’s dominate another round? Short answer, the V8’s continue to lead the pack, but only by a very small margin.

Day one was all about the Pro-Am drivers with practice track time before lunch then the qualifying passes starting around mid-day, followed by the top 16 and top 8 battles.

Team DSR driver Adam Davies found himself in P1 after a solid qualifying pass in his 13b powered 180SX.

Day two saw the top four battles play out, it was particularly cool watching Graeme and Joel battle in their C’s Garage cars.

The day ended on a high for us Silvia fans with three S-Chassis on the podium. Graeme Smyth in first with the C’s Garage S15.

In 2nd was Stuart Baker in the Steven Sole Customs Nissan S13,

and 3rd went to Joel Hedges in his C’s Garage Nissan S13.

Pro qualifying kicked off and it seemed like most drivers where on form, plenty of 80+ point runs made for good viewing, there’s nothing quite like watching all drivers put in 110%.

Team DMNZ’s GT86 fronted Supra seems to be running strong this season

Gaz Whiter was on a charge as usual, the new look on the S14 is pretty mean, the addition of ORIGIN Labo. GT aero really works for the Zenki.

Day 2 also played host to the Bling Company Hard Park that took place center track, there was an impressive line-up of cars on display.

Our mate Ben White was out repping his crew NZDM with his VH45 V8 powered S15,

We also spotted another familiar S15 out on show, Alvin’s S15 [I TURNR]

This cool 200SX has the perfect combination of low and wheel size, which I think looks great with the stock body.

And heres one that is always sure to draw a crowd, Bronsons 200SX

Cant go past a tough Levin, everyone loves these right?

And let’s chuck in some old school flavor just to mix things up. New Zealand really has got such a diverse car scene!

Lunchtime burnouts never fail to impress.

As usual, the pit walk saw a swarm of people descend on their favorite teams in the hopes of getting a signed poster, or more importantly these days, a selfie for social media!

Matt Lauders Team Louda 2JZ powered 180SX is always a crowd favorite.

Ahh, the drivers parade, about the only time these cars go around the track with their wheels pointed in the right direction.

Bruce Tannock’s S13, with a tough RB30 power-plant under the hood is one mean looking machine.

Shayne Giles RB26 S14.5 is another mean looking car, I totally love that track stance.

Its apparent the S-Chassis kind of dominates the D1NZ pro field.

After lunch it was time for the pro class to get back down to business, it was pedal to the medal for all drivers, this made for some impressive entries and crazy angle as all drivers did their best to get the judges attention.

Adam Hedges was fighting hard to keep the Rattla Falcon off his tail.

Battle of the RB’s! A close run between Nico Reid and Darren Kelly seeing Kelly proceed through.

Another good RB battle was between Joe Kukutai in his R32 vs Phil Sutherland in the R34.

Daynom Templeman always puts on a good show in the 2JZ powered RX7

S-Chassis battles are always the best!

After a long day we got down to our final four. Fanga Dan vs Curt Whittaker for 3 & 4th saw the Skyline on the podium

Battle for 1st & 2nd was between 4 times pro champ Gaz Whiter in his V8 S14 and pro-am champ Darren Kelly in the RB R34 with Gaz coming out on top and putting an S-Chassis on the top podium step for the round. Good news for the V8 brigade but not so good for the turbo fanatics.

All teams are now busy prepping and getting ready for a big road trip down to New Zealand’s South Island for the penultimate round in Christchurch at Mike Pero Motorsport Park April 4th and 5th.

Current Championship Standings:

2015 Pro-AM Series Points after Round 4
1. Darren Kelly 350.5
2. Andrew Redward 320
3. Daniel Woolhouse 305
4. Gaz Whiter 299.5
5. Curt Whittaker 284
6. Cole Armstrong 260.5
7. Daynom Templeman 231.5
8. David Steedman 210
9. Joe Marshall 195.5
10. Matt Lauder 192.5

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2015 Pro-AM Series Points after Round 4
1. Joel Hedges 318
2. Troy Jenkins 309
3. Adam Davies 301
4. Joel Paterson 296
5. Stuart Baker 291
6. Pernell Callaghan 281
7. Ben Wilkinson 253
8. Gagan Singh 232.5
9. Michael Thorley 216.5
10. Chad Mckenzie 213.5

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Words by: @mr_schassis

Photos thanks to: Shaun Constable | Ambition Works

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