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California, people from all over the world look in awe at the car scene here, some of the greatest car films were shot in Cali. When people think of the car culture in Cali most think about prime locations such as LA or The Bay, but in between those cities are where some of the dopest cars are built. I always say it’s the small towns with the best cars, the cars that won’t make the internet or don’t have a lot of e-fame, mostly because people just aren’t paying attention.

The 240sx has now become a household name, appearing in music videos with Eminem behind the wheel, being known as one of the best platforms in drifting, for example, you can swap just about any motor in to it, but these two gems you see before you were built for different reasons.

Eddie the owner of the hatch bought the car off of a friend and set out to revamp it like no other. The car had a SR20DET snug in the engine bay. It was originally swapped back in the early 2000s, before there were any major swap harnesses around, and before the LS1 fad started to come in.

The car had been sitting for some years before Eddie decided to buy it. He sold his 1989 S13 for a non drift-tax price of $900 to help fund the new purchase. His brother and friends are into cars so it was only right for Eddie to follow. With his brother taking him out to various car shows and drift events he immediately fell in love with the S-Chassis. Eddie’s brother Miguel and their close friend Sal both built cars with one major thing in mind, quality.

Eddie looked up to his big bro and his cars. Now it was his turn, he bought the car he had wanted since he was a kid and made the dream reality. Once he got the car he did a full makeover. Eddie decided to go wide body front and rear with Origin lab Takashi 50mm over fenders in the back and Dmax Type III 35mm Silvia fenders up front in an effort to fit the massive Leon Hardiritt 18×10.5 +15 18×12 -19 wheels. He then painted the car in a deep purple with hella flake (CALI TERM).

Mr Xee Vue’s beautiful S14 is another dope build straight out of central California. I have seen this car go through different phases and sets of wheels but there is one thing about this car that does stay consistent and that is how slammed it is. Xee uses his s14 as his daily driver, and although California has beautiful mountain roads and pretty decent streets, there are some parts where the road conditions are a little rough, which were enough to mess up his old side skirts.

After they were destroyed Xee decided to redo a bunch of things on his car, and raising the ride height was not one of them. He also decided to go against the grain and keep his car Zenki in a world of Kouki conversions. Being inspired by all the 240sx’s around the world he wanted to make an excellent street car. The pictures do this car no justice, and breaking necks is an understatement. With this being his first car I think it’s safe to say that he is doing amazing job, with tasteful modifications.

Dropped on Powered by max coilovers he decided to do an upgrade for the front end with Tein inner and outer tie rods. He also upgraded to the beefier battle version tension rods and then slammed the car on a set of custom GMR wheels measuring 18×10.5 in the front and 18×11 out back. The S14 has been fitted with a VSPEED body kit and setting off the rear is a custom diffuser to give the car a battle ready stance look. I asked Xee what he thinks about the central Cali car scene. “The scene is getting bigger and more clean builds are starting to come out” was his response, so I guess we can look forward to more and more hot cars rolling out between LA and The Bay as time goes on.


• Powered by Max coilovers

• Powered by Max rear upper control arms

• Clear Zenki headlight covers

• LED Kouki tail lights

• VSPEED Body Kit

• Powered by Max rear upper control arms

• Z32 brake upgrade

• GMR wheels 18×10.5 and 18×11

• Tein outer Tie rod ends

• Heavy Duty Tension rods

• Custom rear diffuser


• Black Top SR20DET

• Yashio factory coil overs

• Stance tension rods

• Stance toe arms

• Stance traction arms

• Stance rear upper control arms

• Peak/touge factory tie rods

• Uras pineapple subframe bushings

• Uras exhaust

• Uras turbo manifold

• ORC power steering reservoir

• Circuit sports overflow

• Greddy catch can

• Apexi strut brace

• ARC oil cap

• Greddy oil filter relocation

• Weld coil pack cover

• Greddy og boost gauge

• Blitz/uras turbo timer

• Blitz/uras boost controller

• Blitz/uras informer

• Yashio factory temp gauge

• Bee-r rev limiter

• Kouki gauge cluster

• NRG slim hub

• NRG quick release

• Vertex 10th anniversary steering wheel

• Nismo shift knob

• Yashio factory e brake knob

• Silvia front conversion

• Origin lab aggressive rear bumper

• Origin lab aggressive side skirts

• Origin lab Takashi 50mm over fenders

• Dmax type 3 35mm Silvia front fenders

• Dmax type 3 front bumper

• Ganador power mirrors

• Ichiba 5 lug conversion

• Drilled and slotted rotors

• Learn Hardiritt 18×10.5 +15 18×12 -19 wheels

Photography and words thanks to: Daniel Roache

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