The new Rocket Bunny V2 Boss kit for the S14 broke the internet with its initial design renders and has divided opinions ever since. What is the front end even based on? The Datsun 510, an old Cuda or is it a new Dodge Challenger? What ever it is, you either hate it or love it.

This S14 in particular has been meticulously built by MAN.Z Factory, the workmanship is top level regardless of if you are a fan of the kit or not, there is no denying that they have done an excellent job with the build of this car.

With wide body comes wide wheels, and in this case the choice is a set of Work Meister S-1’s measuring in at 18×11 -28 up front and a whooping 18×13 -45 in the back! Tyre choice is ATR Sports with 265/30 R18 up front and 305/30 R18 on the rear.

In true Rocket Bunny style, there is no rear bumper, leaving the back end exposed with only the diffuser makes for a very tough look, and with so much to show off in the rear, who wouldn’t add the touch of a sexy looking exhaust like this custom built unit from Limeforce.

Under the hood you will find a SR20DET engine, stroked to 2.100cc, other mods include an HKS GT2540 Turbo, TOMEI Cam’s, TOMEI exhaust manifold and an HPI Intercooler.

Suspension remains low and firm thanks to MAN.Z Type S coilovers (F-12k R-8k) accompanied by T-DEMAND Pro Suspension arms.

The interior is also a work of art complete with BRIDE Zeta III seats and a full Saito Rollcage.

Photos thanks to Akifumi Yamamoto

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