Ass Like Houston Texas

If you like big butts then Vincent Fontenot’s S14 is the 240 for you. The booty that graces the back end of his 95 S14 240SX is the kind of ass that makes you take a second look, and a third.. Then stop and stare.

It started back in 2011 when Vincent was looking to buy a new car. As a 240 was about all he could afford at the time so he snapped up this 95 model.

Since then the 240 has been fixed up many times to get it into the current state.

The exterior is wrapped in a mixture of aftermarket body kit parts to give it such a unique look. Vincent has used a full 326 Power body kit, with Supermade front fenders and Origin Type 3 rear overs which give the back end such fine curves. Most recently the front has been enhanced by fitting a pair of Zenki clear headlight covers.

A full Powered by Max suspension set up brings the 240 closer to the ground and the Leon Hardiritt GRAL wheels connect this fine work of art with the road.

The whole package is backed up by a Toyota 1JZ powerplant.

Mod List

  • 1JZ Engine Swap
  • Powered By Max suspension and bushings
  • Wheels: Leon Hardiritt GRALS 19×10.5 -25 and 19×12 -65
  • Full 326 power kit
  • Supermade front fenders,
  • Origin Type 3 rear overs fenders

Vincent would like to thank  “Terrence Johnson for the awesome paint work, Kim Celestine for the awesome gift, Rajeet Dalal and the crew at Master Minds NA for being able to get my kit, and Dan Greenbank for all the awesome advice and help with the suspension on the car and for answering most of my endless questions”.


Full gallery Below!


Photos thanks to Tharindu Nallaperuma | Blacklisted

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