4&R National Show and Shine 2015

Every year for as long as I can remember, the 4&Rotor nationals have been one event I would always be at, and before the 4&R Nats it was Autosalon.
Last year was the first year S-Chassis had been invited to show off a few cars. We took about 16 to the show and parked them inside one of the halls. It was a fun day, but the hall was a little off the track to the rest of the event and we felt like the majority of show visitors didn’t know we were parked up there. This year Azhar got in touch again, and this time S-Chassis was offered a far superior spot, one that I could not turn down. The spot at the ASB Show grounds is known as the alley way, and to give you an idea of how prominent this spot is, our neighbour for the day was Mad Mike Whiddett with his 4rotor Rocket Bunny RX7 and his crazy slammed Chevy Truck aka [BRODZR].

I was stoked and quickly went about rallying some troops to join us as we had space for up to 20 cars. I ran into a minor issue, as the spot is outside the halls, these cars would not be included in the actual show and shine judging, and a couple of the people I had invited were really keen to have their s-chassis on display in the main halls with all the other show competitors. Being one who finds it hard to say no, I decided the best thing to do was find out who wanted to do what and just enter a bunch of cars. We ended up with about 30 s-chassis in the show between the indoor and outdoor displays and everyone was happy.

Set up day was on the Friday afternoon/night so I knocked off work early, picked up one of the indoor cars from our mates at Scarles Performance and headed out to the show. Getting in and set up was pretty straight forward, once all the cars were in it gave us a chance to have a look at the rest of the show cars before the public arrived and swarmed the show grounds the following day. All of the S-Chassis that we had entered for the indoor display are all jaw droppers, from Nicks super tidy purple 180 all the way down to Morgan’s inch perfect S13 coupe and over the isle to the three S14s parked together I was feeling very proud of the teams efforts. Every car was immaculate, cleaned, polished and sparkling under the lights of the hall. I knew the public would be spending a fair bit of time down what im going to dub S-Chassis Lane.

I was really impressed by all the cars, the detail in Morgan’s S13 is amazing, the carbon fiber bits and pieces really pop on the white, he even has a custom carbon cover over where the rear seat should be, not to mention the carbon center console, GT-R grill and rain visors, it’s safe to say I was pretty jealous and now really want all those bits for mine.

Scarles Performance let me borrow their S15 for the event, I love the look on people’s faces when I operate the bags.. Yes this S15 sits on a set of D2’s air suspension, which is surprisingly firm and doesn’t seem to affect the cars handling at all.

Carey had been hard at work prepping the TT Motorsport S14 Zenki, new skirts and end caps, a new cat back exhaust and a mean polish bought it up like new.

Joel’s Sileighty has to be one of the coolest in NZ, sporting a brand new paint job (sadly a little rough on the bonnet) and a pig nose lip, it really was looking superb!

Ben MacDonald’s Kouki 200SX was on point and is definitely a taxi I’d like to call for a ride after a drunken night on the town!

Ryan’s S13 is often described as perfect, two tone, factory aero kit with VeilSide rear pods and a 326 power roof spoiler along with the white wheels really set it off.

Anita had put in a ton of work and got the Onevia looking amazing, a full type x kit, with a genuine plastic bumper bought new from Nissan Japan, new paint, wheels and custom engine bay detailing, the car was looking stunning!

Ben Whites S15 was also looking mean and surprised many people when they noticed the engine had been swapped out for a VH45 Nissan V8.

Chris’s S14 was looking way different to the last time I had seen it, sporting new work wheels, a full cage and custom paint in the engine bay, she is now ready for the SR20DET to be bolted back in.

Nicks 180SX was looking perfect, the purple really set off the line up of colors in our display, it was lucky his brother Jake is a good dude and gave the car such a good clean before Nick drove it up for the show.

Opposite this line up we had 3 more spots which we parked three S14s in. Adrian’s super clean Kouki 14, Kristy’s S14 [KIKN IT] which is currently receiving some updates under the hood, and her partner Elliot’s S14 race car, which has got to have one of the nicest sounding SR’s in it that I’ve ever heard.

I had three other Silvia’s in mind that I was eager to see, all the owners are awesome s-chassis supporters, but two had decided to purchase premier displays and set up individually and Ange was setting her S14 up with our crew Stancemob

The first was Joel’s MADS14, over the past few months Joel had been talking to me about his plan to set the car up on a fish pond, complete with a water feature and have goldfish swimming under the car.. It didn’t take me long to find him and his crew hard at work, when I caught up with them they had the car in and were filling up the pond, another cool part about Joel’s display was the use of underwater lights which he had set up illuminating the huge set of BC Forged mag wheels. You can read more about Joel’s display here.

The second car I was keen to check out was Moss Taylor’s S14 [TRIPEE]. You might remember the car as an S14 Silvia with an R32 Skyline front end swap and an RB30E 6 cylinder engine under the hood. Moss had been keeping his plans under wraps, I think including himself there was about 3 or 4 people who knew what was going on. It took me quite a while to spot the car, which is funny as it was right in front of Joel’s. It wasn’t until I noticed the windscreen on what I thought was a blue Subaru WRX that I clicked. WTF, this WRX is repping s-chassis on the screen I thought.. Cool! Then I saw the plate.. TRIPEE and it all hit, Moss has created what we are pretty sure is the world’s first S14.GC8 with the help of his boss and owner of On Show Kustoms. You will remember the white photo shopped version that went viral last year, well Moss and Ray took it from an idea to reality, and the use of the Subaru 555 blue and gold wheels really set it off. Moss also added a half cage and completed an engine swap with the car now running an SR20DE+T under the hood.

Then I got to Ange’s S14.. Ange had been busy, new flares, new wheels, extra aero and a full wrap, all done by Ange herself (bar the wrap). I was impressed, the grey wrap set the new look off perfectly!

After a bit more of a look around my ride arrived and I went back out west to get some sleep before I had to be back to meet the rest of the crew who were parking their cars on display outside the halls. I got home and realised my S13 was still filthy, so I spent from around 11pm till 2am cleaning and polishing it for the coming day, I also touched up some of the marks with one of my kids red crayons, did the trick nicely!

I arrived at the showground’s and was surprised to be greeted by some of the guys who had beaten me there. We got in line and shuffled our cars through the gates and into position. It was such an awesome site to see all the cars parked up and we were amped for the day. We all went for a walk down to McDonalds for breakfast before heading back and hitting the show hard.

The guys had put a lot of effort into getting their cars ready and it showed, each one looking like new. They really did look stunning parked up together out in the sun.

The quality of build on display was truly amazing, cosmetic, engine and drive train conversions with piston and rotary powered cars together in one place. Imports, Euros, V8 Muscle, Supercars and Lowriders meant there was something for everyone.

Quite a few of us spent the entire day there, I didn’t get home till about 10pm that night, but a day surrounded by New Zealands sickest cars, and hanging out with a bunch of awesome dudes and chicks who love s-chassis just as much as me was pretty damn epic. I was super happy with how the day panned out and im sure everyone else was too.

We didn’t win any awards for our efforts, but that’s ok, we were just glad to be part of NZ’s biggest show and shine!

Words by: @mr_schassis

Photos thanks to:
Shaun Constable – Ambition Works www.AmbitionWorks.nz
Tarina Steven – Break Traction Photography
Glen McNamara – Omegah Photography

Full Gallery with extra pics below! 

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